Monroe is a leading market maker in community bank stocks.

We are one of the only independent community bank specialists with national breadth, making a market in almost 700 community bank stocks.

We also actively quote eligible private bank stocks.

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Click here for a list of community bank stocks in which we make a market.

Since 1968, Monroe has been an acknowledged leader in making markets for community bank stocks, and consequently we have developed a unique ability to find buyers and sellers of stocks in markets where few may be apparent.

Monroe commits its own capital to ensure transactions can be executed when needed. Knowledgeable investors rely on Monroe for efficient stock transactions in markets that can be fragmented and illiquid. Consequently major trading desks around the country rely on our expertise to help them find liquidity for their customers.

We have compiled proprietary research on community banks across the country, and we stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the marketplace. We make it a priority to build relationships with bank management teams and often have many years of experience interacting with them.

Block Trades

Many community banks have concerns that sellers of large blocks of stock may greatly depress the value of their stocks if not handled properly.

Monroe has many years of experience in executing large trades in thin markets with minimal impact. Our block traders have established a large network of buyers and sellers, enabling us to trade blocks of stock in a discrete manner. As a result, owners of large blocks of community bank stocks routinely approach Monroe directly for the best execution of transactions.

Share Repurchase Programs

Community banks that desire to buy back their own stock can find the execution of their strategy very challenging in a thinly traded market.

With our market expertise, we can customize a repurchase program to optimize the result in a timely and efficient manner.

Please contact Steven Schroeder at (312) 506-8743 for more information.

Preferred Stocks & Rare Value Stocks

Monroe has many years of experience with hard-to-find value stocks and preferred stocks, which may only rarely trade over-the-counter or which may not have a quoted market at all.

We track these stocks which may have limited publicly available information. We help long-time holders value their holdings, and we help prospective buyers find the stocks that may otherwise appear extremely difficult to find.